The Electric Veltens

You may remember that – a few months ago – my brothers’ band approached me about taking some photographs for them. They had just recorded an EP album and needed a cover photo for the CD. Since then, they’ve been playing in quite a few venues and have developed a pretty good following in this area.

Well, this past weekend, they were in Montgomery for a show and – especially since they now have a new bass player – they wanted to take a few new pictures for some new projects they’ll be working on soon.

As you can see, they are a fun group of guys…with huge creative streak and very few inhibitions…

Two of them are my brothers…do you know which two?





And later on that night, my husband and I got a babysitter for our little boy (who was actually in bed, fast asleep before we left the house) and went to the show…and I took a few photos there, too.

A couple pre-show shots…



Here, my brother, Johnathan, is putting the finishing touches on some “lyric help.”


And a few of my favorite shots, taken during the show…



Mindy W - Melissa,

What great shots of your brothers’ band! My guess: your brothers are the ones with the flip flops. Am I right?!August 26, 2009 – 9:14 pm

Melissa - Good guess, Mindy! You were half-right. In the grocery store pic, they are both on the ends. The one on the left (in the flipflops) is my youngest brother, Johnathan. The one on the right (wearing sunglasses) is my younger brother, Christopher. 🙂 And thanks! They are fun guys…I always enjoy photographing them because of it!August 27, 2009 – 9:27 am

Johnathan - Thanks again for the hard work you put into these pictures! You always go above and beyond…as stupid as that sounds…September 20, 2009 – 12:50 am

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