Monica & Kids…a Year Later ~ Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

Do you remember Monica & her 2 children from this time last year?  She called me, several weeks ago, to schedule another photo session for this year…I hadn’t seen her and the children in a year, and I was shocked to see just how much they had grown!!

child-doubleWe had such a great time….

Christian took a little while to warm up to me…


But Yani was ready to go!  And, she’s lost a tooth since the last time I saw her!


Monica is such a sweet mom to her kids…


And the children really are precious…don’t you agree??  I mean, look at that grin…



And despite the really warm weather – following a nice cold snap – I had a great time with such a precious family!


Thanks, Monica, for sharing your beautiful family with me for a little while on a Friday afternoon!

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