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In September of last year, you may remember that I took engagement photos for my brother and his fiancée . When they got engaged, they asked if I would mind being their wedding photographer, rather than actually being in the wedding party. Of course I didn’t mind…they are such special people to me and I was honored that they asked me to do such a special thing for them!

Since you already know them from my previous post, I am going to skip straight to photos from the day. I have to tell you that their wedding was every bit as special as they are. It was so beautiful and sweet…and most definitely unique! I believe you’ll agree with me that it’s just….them.

I started out with Tessa, as she got ready for her big day.



Tessa’s mom helped her get ready. Such a few sweet moments.


Instead of a veil, Tessa went for 2 flowers in her hair…if you can’t tell, I really couldn’t get enough of them!
Tessa was a beautiful bride…
…and her flowers were just like her: unique and gorgeous!


It was absolutely freezing outside, so all of our plans of getting outside for some great photo ops were thwarted by the frigid temperatures. But we still got outside for just a couple of quick photos! Here are Tessa’s bridesmaids…aren’t they lovely?

Johnathan made for a very handsome groom.

…he made his own boutonnières. They were unique… made from the “bloom” at the bottom of a pinecone, and held other symbolic elements: a pencil to symbolize Johnathan’s love for writing, a miniature record for his love for music. The woodpecker feather doesn’t carry any intentional symbolism, but it reminds me of our grandfather, who was an avid bird watcher…he and Johnathan were buddies through J’s growing-up years!

…and look at his very handsome groomsmen!


Of course, I have to include this photo, just because… my little boy reminds me so much of his uncle at this age!


After we finished pre wedding photos, it was time for the ceremony…

And I absolutely love catching that first look…and capturing the raw emotion of it.


And the lighting of the unity candle was such a great moment, I couldn’t choose just one photo to share, so you get five in the series!

First, things seemed to be going well…

…but soon, it was evident that the wick in the middle candle was too short, so Johnathan tried cleaning melted was off of it, and when that didn’t work, they tried to fit both “parents” candles into the middle candle.
unity candle

And when that didn’t work, Tessa removed the candle and they put the smaller ones in its place.

But even that didn’t last long, when one of the candles slipped through the cracks and fell on the floor!

What a memorable moment in a memorable wedding!


Happily ever after!

After the ceremony was overwith, we ran down to the reception hall for a few photo ops:

Everything was beautiful and the food looked divine.
Johnathan and Tessa had chosen to have a candy bar…talk about divine!
And instead of traditional wedding punch, they had a coffee punch, water, and my favorite…hot chocolate and marshmallows.

The cake was not actually a cake at all…but 3 tiers of delicious cupcakes!

The Mr. & Mrs.

And these shots were so non-traditional…in a traditional sort of way. So much fun!

After the reception, it was time to leave!

And then the 3 of us headed out into the cold to a local historic home to take some quick portraits of the new husband and wife.




Congratulations, Johnathan & Tessa!! May you have many wonderful years together…I certainly love you both!

Jennifer - The pictures are great! It was a fabulous wedding – glad we got to be a part of it.January 13, 2010 – 9:46 pm

mom - j's same old mom & Tessa's new mom - Beyond words to describe the beauty of the photographs! and the beautiful way in which you captured who johnathan and Tessa are and their very wonderful, special day….thank you Missa for preserving the memories of their day!January 13, 2010 – 10:05 pm

mom - j's same old mom & Tessa's new mom - p.s. I know Dadaw would have loved Tessa too! (and Brooks — just like he did Nathan)…oops, tears of happiness :o)January 13, 2010 – 10:08 pm

Lydia - These pictures are amazing!! Johnathan and Tessa are such an amazing couple. You did an awesome job capturing all the wonderful moments of their truly unique day! 🙂January 14, 2010 – 11:06 am

Lisa - Melissa, These pics are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the rest.
LisaJanuary 19, 2010 – 6:52 pm

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