{I Do} January Wedding ~ Montgomery, Alabama Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of helping out with the photos for my cousin-in-law’s wedding.  Shannon is my husband’s first cousin…they are practically the same age and were very close growing up.  She is such a sweet person, and we love her very much!  I played a supporting role in her photographs, so most of my photos are behind the scenes photos and a few portraits.  Which suited me fine, since I really love behind the scenes work!

Shannon was a lovely bride…


And the ceremony was held at 5PM on a very cold January evening.  It was a simple, candlelit ceremony that was just perfect.

I joined Shannon as she got ready….

And her dress was quite lovely!

The reception area was decorated beautifully, and the food was delicious!

Instead of 2 cakes, Shannon and Jason chose to go with one cake…one side decorated for the bride and one side decorated for the groom.  Yes, the Mickey Mouse speaks for Shannon’s love of all things Disney, and the Dr. Pepper & Copenhagen pieces speak for Jason’s love for…well, I don’t think I have to say it, now do it?

I simply love taking ring shots.  I can honestly say that I could photograph rings all day long…because, when it comes to taking photographs of rings, one is only limited by creativity.  Which is another reason that I do enjoy second shooting a wedding…some of the pressure is off and I have (almost) unlimited time to create.


I didn’t take any bride/groom portraits, but I really enjoyed shooting a few bridal portraits.  It was (quite literally!) freezing outside, and spitting sleet and snow, so we weren’t able to be outside for long.  But I really do think Shannon was a beautiful bride, and I’m glad that the weather held out long enough for us to get a few photographs!

And I am loving a more desaturated (and even black and white) look for her portraits…


And for the road, just one more ring shot…

Congratulations, Shannon & Jason!

TaRhonda Lay - Melissa, thanks again for your help in Alabama. Your photos are beautiful,as always. Keep up the great work.March 12, 2010 – 10:53 pm

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