{A Free Photo Session + 8×10 + 5×7}

<—— You may have noticed the “Special Info” drawer on the far left of the screen.  If you click on it, you’ll learn a little bit about where all the proceeds from my photo sessions are going, this year.  And I’ll even save you the trouble of clicking on it, for now.  My husband and I have begun the paperwork to adopt another baby into our family!

And all proceeds from my photo sessions will go directly into our adoption fund savings account.

Which brings me to the photo session I mention in the title of this post….

Are you interested in being entered into a drawing for a photo session? Everyone needs photos, and this is the perfect time of year to do them…when the grass is green and things are still blooming! Or, maybe you want a photo session that you can save to use for your Christmas cards this year. Or, maybe your baby turns 1 early next year, and you would like to save your photo session for then. Or…..the possibilities are endless!!

So, you want to learn how you can be entered into the drawing??

Head over to The Great Big Giveaway and check it out…plus, while you’re there, maybe you want to enter the drawing for an Apple iPad or one of the other great items!!

Hope to see you there!

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