{Sweet, Sweet Baby} Addie ~ Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

Just a few weeks ago, I photographed a very special family that was getting ready to welcome their newest addition to the family.  Well…a little more than 2 weeks after I took those photographs, baby Addie made her official appearance!  She was born on a Tuesday, and I actually photographed her on Saturday…at 4 days old, Addie is officially the youngest newborn I’ve photographed in-home!

I fully expected, since she was so young, that Addie would just sleep contentedly while I snapped photographs unbeknownst to her.  Ha!  That’s the problem with “expecting” something…things rarely work like one thinks they will.  This sweet baby slept for the first few minutes, and then she became alert and peered at me through her beautiful newborn eyes – the sleepy photos were overwith at that point!  But she really is beautiful, and I took all my expectations back out the front door and ended up with some really precious photos of a precious baby.

So with that, sit back, and enjoy some pure, baby goodness!

Mom - She is beautiful! Please tell Michele, “Congratulations!” from your mom and what precious little girls they have. I love the picture of Addie yawning. All the photos are wonderful…a real treasure!May 11, 2010 – 10:36 am

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