{Sweet, Sweet Baby} Nathaniel ~ Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

Do you remember, a couple months ago, when I photographed this beautiful couple?

Well…a month ago, their precious baby made his debut into the world, and I got the awesome opportunity to photograph him. He was just over a week old at the time of our session, and was just as snuggly and precious as newborns come. He started out full, warm, and sleepy…which allowed for some great photos, and then he woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep! It was as if he just didn’t want to miss anything, and I can’t say I blame him!

I want you to take a look at this sweet, snuggly baby.

And his feet.  How I love baby feet!

When he puts his arm up by his head, his mama said he was “assuming the position” – time for sleep!

And more that don’t even need words…

And oh, to have such sweet great-grandparents.  Every baby should be so fortunate!!  I just loved these folks…so sweet and patient.

This may be my favorite picture.  The great grandson with his great grandparents.  And he looks so happy to be snuggled right with them!

I’ve mentioned how much I love to pair baby hands with adult hands.  The contrast is always so striking.

Andree’ is one proud and beautiful mama!

…with one beautiful (and sleepy) baby!

Congratulations, Andree’, Victor, and baby Nathaniel! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Susan Patrick Harris Pittsburgh PA Photographer - this shoot brings the song “Sweet Sweet Baby,” to mind for me. Each image is more wonderful than the one before. My personal FAVE is the yawn! That tender moment as they wake is heavenly!January 23, 2011 – 10:52 am

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