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Wow, I’ve been so busy lately, in all areas of my life! Blogging has (obviously) taken a back seat, but I’m hopeful that the next couple weeks will be a good opportunity to play “catch-up!”

So without further ado, I’d love to let you meet Carl & Traci.  Carl & my husband are in the Air National Guard together and they go many years back…and though we don’t live in the same town, we do enjoy opportunities to hang out with them!

They have one little boy, B, who is precious and absolutely hilarious!

And on this particular day, our goal was to get some family pictures for Carl & Tracie, Carl’s dad, and Carl’s sister’s family. Naturally, the only time our schedules really meshed was when it was blazing hot and…wouldn’t you know…right in the middle of naptime!

Heat and naptime are typically not to be reckoned with, but in this case, there wasn’t a lot we could do about it, and despite those 2 challenges, we got some fun pictures! Here are B’s cousins:

They’re just a family with very pretty children! I’m sure Carl’s dad has to be one proud grandpa!!

This photo is not a technically great photo, but I had to share it, anyway, because…well, it just illustrates the life of a grandfather.  The children were naturally WAY more interested in the rocks than they were in my camera, so we just went with it!

Little B LOVED the trees.

By “loved,” I mean he LOVED them.  He wanted to sit in them, swing from the branches, and I’m pretty sure that he would’ve been perfectly content if we had left him to play in the trees all afternoon.


Sweet family!

And another sweet family!

A tired little B…

A sweet father/son moment…

And a very tired father/daughter moment…

And now? The end! Thank you, to all of you for hanging with me on that h.o.t., tiring day!

Larry Benefield - Hi Melissa,

The photo’s are great and you are a very good photographer. How do I see the rest of the photo’s?

God blessed

LarryJuly 16, 2010 – 8:09 am

Susan Patrick Harris Pittsburgh PA Photographer - Beautiful, classic treasured photo memories for this family! great work-January 23, 2011 – 10:49 am

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