{Sweet, Sweet Baby} Piper ~ Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

Piper.  A dream name.

For a dream child.

I was so happy when Piper’s mama, Anna – while she was still pregnant with this sweet baby – contacted me about taking newborn photos of her precious child, once she was born.  There are so many special moments in the life of a family…but the birth of a child usually takes the cake….so naturally, I was thrilled to be part of this special moment in time for this special family.

I had a really difficult time choosing which photos to post….so you get to see quite the collection today!

Mama love is the best.

Piper spent a pretty equal amount of time asleep…

…and awake.

And I spent the whole time enjoying my job of capturing her as she is this week – baby wrinkles and all.  Because she will change exponentially as days go by, and her parents can now always look back and remember her as a newborn…this one moment in time.

Piper’s daddy, Lincoln, plays the guitar…a couple of times, when she got fussy, Lincoln picked up his guitar and played a little bit for her.  I bet music is going to be one big part of Piper’s life…she is so blessed!

Lincoln and Anna are going to be the perfect parents for Piper…they are so loving – with each other and with her.

Baby feet.  I, honestly, can never resist.

And baby hands…the other big weakness of mine.

Piper, honey…you have got some great parents.  You are already the apple of their eye and the receiver of many kisses.

Lincoln and Anna, enjoy these days of baby squishiness, dirty diapers, and midnight feedings.  It may be difficult, sometimes, but they will pass all too soon.  Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to capture this moment in time with your sweet little Piper!

April B - @ Lincoln and Anna… Piper is beautiful!
@ Melissa… Awesome pictures as always!May 29, 2012 – 8:20 am

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