{Sweet Family} John & Kate + halfway to 8 :) ~ Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

Meet John & Kate. They are one of the sweetest couples – so kind to each other, and both with a great sense of humor….and with such a positive energy about them. I spent this entire session smiling!

They have 3 great kiddos…




…and one on the way!

In fact, Kate emailed me just a couple weeks ago, telling me that she would be having her fourth baby soon, and that they wanted to have family photos taken before the baby arrived.  So we got down to business and figured out a good date for photos.

The funny thing is that Kate really wanted to take photos once her parents were in town for a visit…that coincided with the birth of the baby.  I was a little nervous, since we scheduled for only a couple days before the baby was due.  But…”I’m usually overdue with the babies,” said Kate…so she wasn’t worried at all.

She’s very “go with the flow” like that – and has a very calming effect on those around her.   So if she wasn’t worried, then I decided I wouldn’t be worried.  Though the thought crossed my mind that it would definitely make for an interesting blog post, should she go into labor during the photo session!

Alas, she did not.  But I had such a great time with her and John and the kids.  They really were SO relaxed and just FUN to be around!!

And her parents, Tom and Linda, were able to be there, too!  I love when people – who have been married for so long – just radiate love as if they’ve only been married for months!

It’s obvious how much Tom and Linda love their grand kids!

And how much John and Kate love their kids!

It’s a big world out there, Gideon!


I think if I picked themes for my blog posts, I would definitely choose “love and patience” for this family.  Both qualities totally radiate from them and are contagious.  Being around them inspired me to go home and be more loving and patient with my own husband and kiddos…and that’s a good thing!


John & Kate, thanks SO much for sharing your family with me for a little while!  I cannot wait to meet your newest addition soon!!


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