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Jarred and Aubrie.

These two make me smile.

See, Jarred goes way back with my family.  There’s so much I could say, but really – this isn’t my story, so I’ll keep this part short.  Many years ago, before we had children and when we lived in Tuscaloosa, my husband and I became friends with this young (okay, we were ALL young back then!) medical student who was in our young adult group at church.  His name was Jarred…and although he was sort of quiet, we became good friends…bonding over takeout, American Idol and House, M.D.  I would even say that he became sort of like a brother to both of us – he’s the guy that – if he showed up for Christmas dinner, neither my or my husband’s family would bat an eye.

Even after we each went our separate ways, we’ve stayed in touch with him and still get together for a yearly beach getaway.

Earlier this summer, at our beach weekend, he introduced us to this awesome girl, Aubrie.  At the time, they hadn’t been dating for long, but we were thrilled to meet her.  Jarred and Aubrie have one of those interesting stories of having been connected, quite some time ago, by a mutual friend, but nothing ever coming of the connection.  Then, by some awesome twist of fate, they reconnected and…voila! We immediately approved (not that it was up to us or anything!) and the rest, they say, is history.

A couple weeks ago, my husband’s cell phone rang.  On the other end of the line was Jarred, calling to tell us some awesome news…..he had proposed to Aubrie.  Best of all……she said YES!

But of course she did!!

And when they asked me to photograph their wedding, you know I was super thrilled!

Jarred has caught him a beautiful girl.  She’s truly lovely…both inside and out.

I couldn’t be happier for either of them!  And now, I shall hush and just let the photos take care of the other 10,000 words I’d love to say.

Jarred & Aubrie – thanks for getting up super duper early on a Saturday to make this photo session happen – and for letting me be part of the beginning of your life together.  I really am thrilled for y’all and am SO looking forward to 9/22/12 (Aubrie — NOT 12/22/9 ;)).

Patricia Fowler - Wow-these are great! They make a wonderful match. My husband and I have known Aubrie since she was a little girl. We are so happy for her and Jarred too!August 6, 2012 – 9:55 pm

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