This Thing Called {Life}

It’s been a LONG time, hasn’t it?

I just wanted to give a quick update to anyone who might stumble upon my website.  Since my last post, LIFE has happened – in the summer, we added another baby to our family, and I’ve kept adding irons to the proverbial fire.  I’ve continued photographing families and children on a limited basis {with profuse apologies for not finding time to blog them!}, but toward the end of last year, I started feeling that I needed to let some things go.   It’s been a difficult decision, but at the beginning of this year, I decided that, during this season of life, I am no longer going to take new clients.

I’m leaving my website up, for now, because it’s a portfolio of something I have truly enjoyed doing over the past several years.  All the people I have met and connected with through my photography are so special to me. 

And who knows? Maybe one day, when I’m out of this season of life and into a new one, I’ll pick back up.  But for now, I’m closing my business and enjoying this time with my family.

And I encourage you – enjoy the time with your family.  Capture it and treasure it, forever.

Miranda Gunlogson - I don’t know if you will see this, but I’ve been thinking about you for quite a few years now but haven’t ever been able to find you. I’d like to catch up sometime and see how you’ve been doing.September 30, 2019 – 1:03 pm

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