Behind the Camera

I’ve been fascinated with art, really, since I can remember. As a young girl, I had sketch books & art materials to fill my room…but I found out at an early age that I just can’t draw. I could see the images in my head…but what I saw never matched up with what came out on paper. How frustrating!! But at the age of 10, I received my first camera (that was my very own) and the rest was history! I could finally capture what I saw in my head! I was the girl that had (and still have) boxes of photographs from every trip, function, event & non-event of my life!

I love to photograph almost anything – places, architecture, landscapes, animals.  But people are my passion.  I enjoy meeting and photographing people in all stages of life…learning about them, and then making sure I capture them and their moments.

As a photographer, my style is not to overly pose and ask for a resounding “cheese!” In fact, quite the opposite. I want to capture you in this moment in time.  If you are most comfortable in your dress clothes on the steps of a church…fine! But if you are most comfortable playing with your family in your backyard or at the park…even better! I’m flexible and my style is relaxed.

Thanks to Allison Hilyer for this photo of me!

Mark Brandenburg - I found some art sketches the were going to be thrown away and they are signed by Melissa Bridges and dated in the early 80’s. I found them in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Could these be yours?February 6, 2013 – 3:49 pm

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