{Sweet Family} Brent, Nicole, & Kiddos ~ Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

There are times when a photo session is sort of bittersweet for me…this was one of those sessions.  You see, this sweet military family is about to move away from Montgomery…and I’ve known Nicole, the wife and mom, for as long as the school year has been in session.  We met as we each walked our kids to school, and we hit it off and I have SO enjoyed getting to know her this year!  But now, as is the way of military life, their time here is up and it’s time to move on.  So although I know that we can stay in touch, I will definitely miss her smiling face on the way to school…and the mornings we were able to sit and talk for a few minutes before getting about our days.

So anyway, enough being sentimental….I have to tell you that I had a super-DUPER fun time taking photos of this special family!  They have such a positive energy and are one of those families that just make you feel part of them.  I think I will let the photos mostly speak for themselves!


So there’s Nicole and Brent…

…and their four…



…and outgoing…


I just love to watch these 2 in action – they have such a special relationship.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Nicole SO much.  She is a beautiful person, both inside and out!


A few weeks ago, I saw Nicole wearing this hat and when we decided to have a farewell photo session, I asked her to bring it along so we could take a few fun photos.  It’s so classic and fun.  And summery.

And this is Sophie.  She turned 9 today (the day I’m writing this post)!  And, one of her favorite items in her wardrobe is this blue tutu and headband…so we thought it would be a fun treat for her to have a couple of special birthday photos taken. 🙂

Yeah, this family will always have a special place in my heart and I hope we will meet again!

Charlotte - WOW! Those pictures are amazing! What a beautiful family! You did a great job capturing that family, Melissa! Now, if only my kids were that cooperative! 🙂June 5, 2012 – 11:44 am

Lin - A beautiful photo session — a keepsake to treasure! I am so glad that families are capturing moments in time like this and you do it so well…even if I am a little biased :o) I so wish we had done this…June 5, 2012 – 12:00 pm

Stefanie - What a beautiful family! Love the photos! You do great work!June 5, 2012 – 12:01 pm

Becky - Love these! Their smiles are so genuine which makes the pictures so much more beautiful! 🙂June 5, 2012 – 2:48 pm

{Sweet, Sweet Baby} Piper ~ Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

Piper.  A dream name.

For a dream child.

I was so happy when Piper’s mama, Anna – while she was still pregnant with this sweet baby – contacted me about taking newborn photos of her precious child, once she was born.  There are so many special moments in the life of a family…but the birth of a child usually takes the cake….so naturally, I was thrilled to be part of this special moment in time for this special family.

I had a really difficult time choosing which photos to post….so you get to see quite the collection today!

Mama love is the best.

Piper spent a pretty equal amount of time asleep…

…and awake.

And I spent the whole time enjoying my job of capturing her as she is this week – baby wrinkles and all.  Because she will change exponentially as days go by, and her parents can now always look back and remember her as a newborn…this one moment in time.

Piper’s daddy, Lincoln, plays the guitar…a couple of times, when she got fussy, Lincoln picked up his guitar and played a little bit for her.  I bet music is going to be one big part of Piper’s life…she is so blessed!

Lincoln and Anna are going to be the perfect parents for Piper…they are so loving – with each other and with her.

Baby feet.  I, honestly, can never resist.

And baby hands…the other big weakness of mine.

Piper, honey…you have got some great parents.  You are already the apple of their eye and the receiver of many kisses.

Lincoln and Anna, enjoy these days of baby squishiness, dirty diapers, and midnight feedings.  It may be difficult, sometimes, but they will pass all too soon.  Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to capture this moment in time with your sweet little Piper!

April B - @ Lincoln and Anna… Piper is beautiful!
@ Melissa… Awesome pictures as always!May 29, 2012 – 8:20 am

{a Fun Couple!} Eric & Jalesa ~ Montgomery, Alabama Photographer

These guys were so. much. fun…truly, every photographer’s dream!  They were good together – silly, sweet, and fun to be around…and they didn’t seem to mind being in front of the camera.  Apparently, Jalesa has been pestering Eric for quite some time to get some photos taken…well, he finally relented, and I have to say that I’m glad he did! 🙂

The first few minutes of a photo session are often just a little awkward…getting to know each other takes a couple minutes, but once my subjects realize that I’m there to have fun and not to bite them, we end up having a fun time together.  Eric & Jalesa were a little bit of an exception to the rule, in that they fell right in pace with me within about 30 seconds.

And the rest, as they say…is history!

Jalesa is absolutely beautiful – Eric is one lucky guy!

Jalesa - omg melissia you are just a work of art ! the shoot was fun and your a very creative and talented individual! professional too , if i might add 🙂 anywho , cant wait to order our pics , and looking fowarded to working with you again!
thanks bunches :))…
JalesaMay 24, 2012 – 11:01 pm

{Sweet, Sweet Baby} Ella ~ Montgomery Alabama Maternity & Newborn Photographer

There are some people that are precious.

Sara is one of those people. She is sweet, funny, and she married Allen, who was a good college friend of mine & my husband’s…and when they moved here, it was sort of inevitable that she and I would become friends, too.

When they found out they were expecting, I was thrilled when Sara asked me to take maternity and newborn photos for them.  Of course I would!

Sara is such a sweet person (I know, I said that already, but I mean it!) and she was absolutely radiant.  So excited and ready to meet her baby.  It was absolutely apparent that she would be a great mom.

And she’s married to Allen – a longtime friend (I know, I said that already), who is going to be a great dad.

I’m going to get to the baby pictures in just a minute, but I can’t resist a few more of her parents, just a couple weeks before their life together was forever – absolutely and wonderfully – changed.

Seriously, these two are going to be great parents.  Because being great parents starts with a love for God and each other…and they’ve got both those bases securely covered.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  A couple weeks passed from the time we met for Allen and Sara’s maternity session…and baby Ella made her appearance in the world.
I couldn’t wait to visit her for her newborn photos…and the funny thing about newborn sessions is that you really never know how they’re going to go.  Some newborns insist on being awake the whole time. Some sleep the whole time.  Still, others just don’t know what they want to do, because they’re hungry, not hungry, sleepy, awake, and and the session lasts for a couple hours while we work to help them figure it out while sneaking in a few photos when we can.  Each session is different, and that’s part of the fun.

But this baby, she was good to snooze for entire first half of her session.

I love baby fingers, toes, noses, and lips.
And it was clear that Sara is just in love with baby Ella.  I can’t blame her…I got to hold Ella for a little bit that day and I was completely smitten!
With all that dark, precious hair.

And then, guess who decided to wake up for the last bit of her session?!

Ella’s grandmother purchased her a bracelet and her first Bible.  She looks like she’s ready to start using it right away!
Baby feet.
This, I believe, was her signal to me that my time was up!
So we finished up and called it a wrap.

Allen and Sara, thank you for sharing your precious new one with me for just a little bit!  She is so blessed with you as parents and I’m looking forward to watching her grow!

April B - Just beautiful!May 15, 2012 – 10:01 am

Sheila Johnson - These are absolutely awesome pictures of my niece Sara her husband Allen and my great niece Ella RoseMay 28, 2012 – 2:39 pm

{Sweet Family} John & Kate + halfway to 8 :) ~ Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

Meet John & Kate. They are one of the sweetest couples – so kind to each other, and both with a great sense of humor….and with such a positive energy about them. I spent this entire session smiling!

They have 3 great kiddos…




…and one on the way!

In fact, Kate emailed me just a couple weeks ago, telling me that she would be having her fourth baby soon, and that they wanted to have family photos taken before the baby arrived.  So we got down to business and figured out a good date for photos.

The funny thing is that Kate really wanted to take photos once her parents were in town for a visit…that coincided with the birth of the baby.  I was a little nervous, since we scheduled for only a couple days before the baby was due.  But…”I’m usually overdue with the babies,” said Kate…so she wasn’t worried at all.

She’s very “go with the flow” like that – and has a very calming effect on those around her.   So if she wasn’t worried, then I decided I wouldn’t be worried.  Though the thought crossed my mind that it would definitely make for an interesting blog post, should she go into labor during the photo session!

Alas, she did not.  But I had such a great time with her and John and the kids.  They really were SO relaxed and just FUN to be around!!

And her parents, Tom and Linda, were able to be there, too!  I love when people – who have been married for so long – just radiate love as if they’ve only been married for months!

It’s obvious how much Tom and Linda love their grand kids!

And how much John and Kate love their kids!

It’s a big world out there, Gideon!


I think if I picked themes for my blog posts, I would definitely choose “love and patience” for this family.  Both qualities totally radiate from them and are contagious.  Being around them inspired me to go home and be more loving and patient with my own husband and kiddos…and that’s a good thing!


John & Kate, thanks SO much for sharing your family with me for a little while!  I cannot wait to meet your newest addition soon!!